Earth Elements Soapworks was founded on the key principal that natural beauty should be a source of confidence. I created the line focusing on safe, non-toxic, and highly effective natural ingredients that provide positive results you can see and feel.  My  inspiration came from my great grandmother who instilled values of self-confidence, hard work and cultivating natural ingredients for a holistic lifestyle which charted the course in solving my own skincare issues.

Suffering all my life from sensitive skin, prone to inflammation and breakouts,  I was a frustrated and confused brand-hopper searching for anything that would help. Nothing really worked and many times it made things worse. I began educating myself on natural ingredients and formulations beneficial to the skin and decided to make my own soaps. To my amazement, my skin began to clear and I regained my confidence. Soon thereafter, I began gifting soaps to family and friends which were a hit and from there Earth Elements Soapworks was born.

When I created Earth Elements Soapworks, I was intentional in formulating the products using a high percentage of active natural ingredients, that target specific skin concerns making sure that all of the ingredients are recognized by the skin and easily absorbed. 

While they say that "beauty is only skin deep", the way your skin looks can definitely affect how you feel about yourself. Having glowing skin is a major confidence boost and its a sign that your skin is healthy and taken care of. When your complexion is less than perfect, your self-esteem can take a hit and  I wanted my brand to serve as a reminder that you can be comfortable in your own skin.

It is our mission to help you feel confident in your own skin and be empowered to put your best face forward.

Inspired by nature and rooted in mindfulness, all of our product are thoughtfully crafted in Baltimore, MD.