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Stress can have a profound impact on your skin, often inflaming any underlying skin conditions or encouraging unhealthy habits that could take a toll on your complexion. What most people aren’t so aware of, though, is that stress can noticeably age your skin.

Because people respond differently to stress, it can show up differently in individuals. The effects of stress can show up on skin as increased wrinkles, dryness, dullness, acne and sagging skin. 

To help destress your skin, start by cleansing with our Rose Geranium Tangerine soap. Geranium Oil is great for reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension, providing a general sense of well-being and relaxation, while offering relief to those suffering from insomnia. Its sweet, uplifting floral scent and astringent properties coupled with Tangerine oil works to reduce visible signs of aging by tightening and firming skin to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of sagging skin. 

After cleansing, follow with our Vitamin C brightening mask to restore stress-compromised skin by making dull, dry skin look and feel softer, calmer, and more luminous. The mask goes works  to help counteract the negative physical effects of stress on skin.  High amounts of cortisol — the stress hormone — can break down the skin's collagen and elastin, and form wrinkles. This mask spotlights strawberry and Camu Camu extracts which boasts high levels of Vitamin C—vital to skin's collagen production and reducing the appearance of sun damage. Naturally scented with delicately floral geranium essential oil, this mask is packed with potent natural ingredients that gives stressed skin the boot. 

We love powder masks because they contain 100% active ingredients and require no preservatives to stay fresh! Conventional cream/gel masks are premixed with water and fillers that can dry out or go bad before you use them up. Powder masks have a longer shelf life and ultimately give you more bang for your buck. They also allow you the flexibility to experiment with mix-ins if your skin's needs change over time

There are studies that show that bathing can reduce stress. Sinking into our Calm Neroli Jasmine Bath Soak feels like a meditation in and of itself. The next time you’re in the tub submerge your shoulders for twenty to thirty minutes and you’ll feel the difference. Not to mention your psyche will thank you. 

To ease stress try these helpful tips to get you glowing:

  1. Don't neglect your skincare routine. Ensure consistency with your skincare routine. 
  2. Get regular exercise. Increased blood flow helps to nourish skin cells and sweating promotes the removal of toxins. Exercise helps tone tone the skin an promotes a healthy glow.
  3. Take time for yourself. Taking time for self-care allows you to honor yourself by carving out time to relax your mind and your body.
  4. Practice stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga.
  5. Get your beauty sleep. 7-8 hours each night is ideal.
  6. Set boundaries. It's OK to say no. Let people know where your needs and limits are to help lower your stress.
  7. Talk to someone. Seek support from a friend or a professional therapist.

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